About Us

Brooke-Jones was established in 2013 by the founders, Helen Brooke-Jones and Forrest Oberg.  Whilst Helen had specific experience of working in other private practice patent and trade mark firms in the North of England, Forrest had been involved with running successful print businesses during a fruitful 37 year career operating at management, senior management and director level for a major print and packaging group.  

Brooke-Jones is the result of the founders identifying shared ideals for running a business.  This resulted in a number of key principles by which we operate every day.  We believe that these key principles set us apart from other private practice firms of patent and trade mark attorneys.

A positive working atmosphere.

We nurture a fair, equal and content working atmosphere, with transparent working practices to cultivate loyalty to our business and internal efficiencies.  We are great believers in the notion that the outside appearance of any business is a direct reflection of the attitudes of all of its personnel.  Everyone who works as part of the Brooke-Jones team has an important role to play in ensuring the success of our business.

Real commercially-focused advice.

Commercially-focussed advice is only possible if the time is invested by us to understand each client’s business.  We believe that in order to advise our clients properly, it is necessary to discover commercially relevant information.  The discovery of such information is only forthcoming if there is trust, which we know only develops if time is taken to understand our client’s businesses.

A diverse support network for our clients.

We are constantly working to develop a diverse network with other quality service and goods providers to support our clients.  If we cannot help directly, we think that it is beneficial to our clients to be able to recommend someone who can.   

Sensible approaches to charging.

We avoid the propensity to charge high standard charges for jobs that are routine.  We address this by ensuring that charges for tasks are based upon the level of skill required in each specific task, adopting lower charges for routine tasks. We also employ a sensible hourly rate for tasks that require a higher level of skill and judgement.

Transparency for our clients.

We believe in transparent charging and working practices from the start to ensure that strong relationships are built with our clients and that they stay that way.

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