Approaching Investors

Often large projects need some investment to get off of the ground. Investors usually want to know that protection is in place before they decide on an investment because they want some assurance that the project that they are taking a risk on has been ring-fenced as far as possible. The question as to whether any necessary patent, trade mark and design applications have been filed will come up regularly. The difficulty with this is that investment may be required in order to secure the necessary patent, trade mark and design applications in the first place. This presents other problems such as confidentiality issues if an invention features in the project.

Whilst we recommend that protection is sought before approaching any third parties to minimise the risks, we do understand the situation that this can put you in when attempting to secure investment. There are things that can be done before you approach investors to make the prospect more attractive to them whilst minimising cost. Some preliminary investigations can be performed to show the potential patentability of an invention, or availability of a trade mark for use. We can prepare a report that will present a useful opinion on the scope of protection that we might expect to achieve should that protection be sought.

Rather helpfully, there is often match funding available for investigating an idea before securing protection. For further information on the potential sources of assistance, please see our Enterprise and funding section.

If you would like to discuss the options for getting your ducks in a row before approaching any investors, please contact us.