IP Managers

We understand that in your role you need to take the lead on the development of innovative ideas into marketable products and services, by developing commercial propositions and business plans to take the technology to market.  In addition to this, the role often also requires you to actively engage and manage your stakeholders to ensure that the company’s role in collaborative projects is optimised, both commercially and technically.

We appreciate that much of your time and energy will be devoted to the building and maintaining of robust internal networks and processes to efficiently identify the intellectual property within your company.  On top of this, the responsibility for building external networks to locate opportunities for exploitation, routes to market, or development funding can be time consuming. 

This can leave little time for the general management of the IP portfolio, let alone planning strategies for optimising the protection of the IP.  This is where we are able to add value by making sure that we can provide services that minimise the pressure on your time.

If you would like to discuss working with us, please contact us.