Protection for Brands

So you have developed a new brand, investigated the availability of that brand and your client or employer has given the go ahead.  The launch of a brand will bring it to the attention of all customers and potential customers, as well as the company’s competitors.

Brands are often multi-faceted and there may be components of the brand that are classed as trade marks, for example, names, logos, straplines, or jingles.  During the very early stages of the launch of a new brand, before a company has managed to establish their reputation for the goods and services, there may be a window of opportunity for a competitor to take advantage of one or more components of that new brand with little redress for the company.

So, how can you maximise confidence in the brand and minimise the possibility of a competitor from taking advantage unchecked?

Many of the components of the brand may be suitable for registered trade mark protection and if these are registered before the brand is launched, many of the problems with unscrupulous competitors can be minimised.

Even if the components of an existing brand are already registered, if the brand is being expanded, then it is worth considering supplementing those registrations to cover that expansion.  This may entail registrations further afield, or to cover different goods and services.

We can make sure that the required protection is arranged in order that infringing competitors can be quickly and efficiently put in their place. If this is of interest, please get in touch for an indication of the cost of registration of a trade mark or see our Guide to Trade Mark Protection.

If you have a specific question or need help with any of the above, please contact us.