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Postal address change

After six years in our original Bolton Office, Brooke-Jones Ltd has now moved offices.  

Please note that our new postal address is:

Brooke-Jones Ltd
PO Box 680

If you would like to meet us, please get in touch.

Great news!  The IPOs IP Audit Plus scheme continues.

SMEs can apply for £2500 (including VAT) funding towards an audit of their intellectual property via the UK Intellectual Property Office’s Audit Plus scheme.  The audit should be carried out by an IP professional and provide SMEs with guidance on their IP management and commercialisation.  

The application for funding needs to be made by an Innovation Specialist through the innovate2succeed or EEN programme.  Once the grant has been awarded, there will be a time period for your chosen IP professional to prepare the Audit Report.  

Choosing your IP professional carefully will make sure you can make the most of the funding.

We are pleased to say that we have been involved with a number of these Audits now and have been able to provide our clients with comprehensive information and advice within the funding provided.

If you need an introduction to an Innovation Specialist to get the ball rolling, please get in touch.